The choice of this colour takes its origin from the unusual shape of this hilly region within the Langhe, which the river Tanaro touches and hugs while flowing down towards the Padana plain, giving it an almost island-like aspect.
For this reason to our imagination Naviante looks like a solitary motionless traveller, immersed in Langa’s heaven. 


Our wines are the expression of the land and the history of our grapes.
By opening one of our bottles you will discover a world of flavours, perfumes and emotions.
Each wine has its own personality and each label expresses different characteristics through a different colour. 

The expression of a morally free and independent territory where elegance and character find great fulfillment in a glass of wine. BORN TO BE INDEPENDENT

Genuine but original products that can give you the taste of pondered decisions, matured thanks to the experience and the inventiveness of people who love conveying pleasant sensations through taste.

Come closer and you will realize that those flavors speak of you, that those tastes and scents belong to you and will be your discreet friends where and when necessary.


Flaviana Fia’s enterprise is situated in the Langhe area, the earthly paradise of the Cuneo Province, that clinched a place among the UNESCO World Heritage treasures.

The Langhe hills are unique in the world for their beauty and they are one of the most coveted tourist destinations in Italy.
The ruler of this area is the wine, which marks the rhythms of colours, of work and passion.

Shortly before the autumn we celebrate its feast, the Langhe hills are inebriated by a kaleidoscope of colours and they get different hues, depending on the reflection of the sun: this is one of the most enchanting views that nature offers in this area.
Here the river Tanaro draws a curve and makes a dry luxuriant isle. The river seems to give a precise message to man, as it turns away and doesn’t touch Naviante. The family Fia caught this message at the end of the 19th century, when Maurizio Fia bought his first vineyards.

Yet it took about 70 years before the farm specialised in the wine making field, because before that time wine making was still a secondary activity. The dream, or maybe the destiny of three generations became true on these hills, where quality was born together with wine: in fact in 1979 the 23 year-old oenologist Flaviana Fia decided to create his own wine business.

Naviante produces top quality wines every year, trying to transfer to them the most sincere good that Naviante possesses: its passion.

The various phases of its wine making process, from the choice of the grapes to the end product, are followed carefully by Enologist Flaviana Fia.

In their wine cellar the only rule is: “do well what you love, that is your job”.

Not time, not the unforeseen, least of all tiredness are important here: the only essential thing is making products of quality.

As time went by, Flaviana Fia’s enterprise has acquired the most modern wine making technologies, maintaining its place in the forefront of technology, but never losing its antique traditions.

In this wine cellar Nietzsche’s dialectic between Dionysus and Apollo finds its balance and expertise, here heart and experience meet and form a “ménage à trois” to be enjoyed in the most different situations.

“We are persuaded that our business will be able to develop and grow without ever losing its identity through Pharaohs industrial productions, but always trying to offer our clients the best products that we can get from a wonderful land, that is also blessed by its river...”

Naviante - winery & vineyards