Naviante Piemonte DOC Barbera

Naviante Piemonte DOC Barbera
Naviante Piemonte DOC Barbera

Barbera is the flavor of our tradition, Piemonte the perfume of a kitchen getting ready for a celebration. It combines both the determination Barbera of a father, with the sweetness of a mother. It is almost a magical experience, yet well grounded, rooted in the soil of a beloved land.

Vine VarieryBarbera
Production areaLanghe
Vinification Traditional, ageing in oak wood barrels
BouquetIntense, ethereal, typical of its vine variety
ColorRuby red tending to garnet-red
TasteDry body, slightly acid, a little tannic, with scent of wild rose
Food accompanimentMeat, roast meat, very rich and tasty dishes
Serving temparature18-20°C
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